Living presently.

So often we hear the words, ‘let it go’, especially since the phenom of Elsa’s song in Frozen, which I am sure just went through your head and will be stuck there for a while…you are welcome.

So often you see people trying to re-live their past. Or not willing to let go of the past, whether for good or bad reasons. It’s what they know, so they feel safe in what they know even though they just need to move on to see what more to life there really is.


Never assume that you are one specific person, or that you know yourself so well that you don’t think you are capable of something….because I’m learning, I am capable of just about anything and everything given the right circumstances. Good and Bad. So no matter how good we are, or how bad we are, or how spiritual, or how godly, or how terrible, or how confident…we are human, which means we are sinful, which means we can be tempted, and we are weak and susceptible to whatever is thrown our way and when our focus and our vision is not (for Christians) on Jesus, we are capable of basically anything. And the opposite, when our focus and vision is on Jesus, we are capable of basically anything!
I learned that this year, I am capable of things I never thought I was…all things that I viewed as shameful. And shameful, some things are. But now, I just see them as stepping stones, and see myself as a saved sinner whom God’s grace overflows to every moment.


I just returned from a wonderful vacation that was much needed. Vacation to me, is meant to be restful and almost to be treated as a Sabbatical. And this vacation, had all of those aspects. Thanks to people who I know who praying for me, and for the company that I was with! I was expectant. and I received, and for this I am grateful.

One of the many take aways I have had this past week, is that I have been living in the past. Not willing to let go. Living in the good memories, because life has moved on from those memories and is very different. There are relationships (like my relationship with God for instance), that don’t look the same as they once did, some for better, and some for worse. Some for not how I would like them to be (take my relationship with God for instance)…and I haven’t been able to move on from what once was, because what once was, is what I know…and what I am comfortable with, and what has majorly shaped my life.

I believe that there has been a grieving process going on. A grieving for what once used to be, that is no more. But in the midst of this process, I’ve assumed that everything has to stay the same as it once was. That I have to get BACK to how things once were…how certain relationships were, how my feelings were, how we were….but what I have been shown, is that that is not the case. We grieve, so that we can move on. 

And my time of grieving, of pain needs to be over and I believe is over. Time to LET IT GO has arrived. Time to step into the unknown is here.

A new season. Old relationships with new vision. Old friends with a deeper understanding. Same God, with deeper understanding and loyalty. Same love, with a whole new depth. The possibilities are endless as to what is next in every step. Is it frightening, absolutely. Is it exciting, absolutely. But isn’t that what keeps us going? The adrenaline of what’s going to happen in the unknown? Of what is God going to do in this, in me, in them? How will my relationship with Him look in a few years? What does He have for me NOW, rather than what He has for me back then.

We don’t do anyone any good by living in the past.
You can grieve and remember better times, but don’t compare them to now.
Because there is something in the now, God is always at work in His people, and there is always a new depth to achieve.

Friendships change. As you grow older, you may have seasons of far-awayness, and seasons of nearness. But each season (near or far, joyful or sad), for those whos’ love is rooted in the heart of God, brings a new depth of living and relationship that was never there before, and that is why we sometimes just need to let the past go and start living presently with what God has placed right before us.




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