5:30 Kentucky

Road trips are the best. I’ve been on quite a few in my lifetime, and only hope to go on more! Kentucky, is a great road trip place for Ohioans. It’s not far, and it is beautiful! I’ve been on 2 different road trips to Kentucky, mostly sticking to the Eastern side. But Tennessee and western NC are also showcased on the photos because of the 1 trip!

It was in September of 2009, for my bestie’s Bday partially. Tina, Myself and our friend Jahvona (who now is a missionary on the Amazon with her Brazilian hubby!) in Tina’s trusty camry!  Kentucky and Tennessee and western NC are  just where we went! You will have to forgive me, because I don’t remember the name’s of most of the places we went. I do know we saw part of the Red River Gorge. I know we hiked some, we picnic’d, crashed a Cherokee Indian Festival, saw a few waterfalls, some cliffs, drove the Dragon’s Tail and stopped at a lot of beautiful places and we slept in the car at a rest stop.

This trip was full of laughter, map reading (this was before GPS was a big deal), maybe some tension (let’s be real, this is bound to happen), but all i remember is the fun and the laugh’s!

It started out with Jahvona showing up late because she got in a car accident and had quite the burn on her hand. SO that’s how it started, but it gradually got much better!! When we crashed the Cherokee Indian festival, they did some native dances and chants, and well they needed some partners. We did not volunteer…but Jahvona and I got picked…so I somewhere have video of us doing a few dances that were quite odd to us, but a hoot for tina who was watching us and laughing the whole time! It was truly an experience, and hilarious looking back! Sleeping in the car was probably not the safest route of doing things, but we were cheap and young and thought it would be a fun story, and it is! Don’t think I would do that now. On our way home, at the Dragon’s Tail at one of the stops, there were butterflies…so jahvona and tina acted out the butterfly friendship and we made a video of it..which is nowhere to be found unfortunately. Jahvona ended up falling over at the end of it, needless to say we were well entertained and laughed a ton! I also fell by one of the waterfalls. That’s just the story of my life!

In October, 2010 was the other Kentucky road trip! I have a friend that went to College in Kentucky close to Lexington. So for my birthday one year, Tina, myself and my friend Ashley went to visit her for a weekend. We went to a Leeland and Sanctus Real concert which was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! And we just took in the sights and the fall weather! It’s nice to take a photographer with you on a road trip…just a tip! Take advantage of knowing people in different places. Go visit, go explore, go enjoy, go catch up. It is well worth it!

There are TONS of photos for you to enjoy. Eastern Kentucky and Tennessee and western NC are beautiful along the Smoky Mountains and if you ever get the chance to just go and hike and sight see, there are so many things to see and do in those areas! Get out, enjoy, and make memories!







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