As a secretary, I rely a lot on the internet, my computer, and my phone. To receive all the information that I need, and to communicate the information I need, those are the top 3 things that constantly need to be working for me do my job promptly and well. (And probably my car, to get me from A to B)

To tell you how many times these things don’t work for me is probably too many to count. It throws me off when those 3 things don’t work…and it happens quite often. Especially in the last week, my phone has been giving me the most recent problem.

I usually don’t have good luck with phones or cars. Technology just does not seem to like it. And if it isn’t my car that is acting up, it is my phone, or it is the internet or my computer….it is a never ending cycle. You would think by now that I would be able to handle these things not working with grace and poise…but unfortunately I am not full of poise and rarely full of grace.

I don’t say these things to complain (ok, well maybe just a little), or to be like woe is me. That’s not the reason in sharing this constant struggle of mine. The reason I share is because today I finally thought, ‘okay God, what is it that You are wanting me to learn from this…” because clearly I have been going about it all wrong. And maybe, just maybe, the lesson here is to be reminded and to re-learn what I rely on most.

I would be lying if I said that I am great at relying on God. I probably do rely on technology and people way to often. Probably at an ungodly rate, which is probably why things don’t always work for me technology, and why relationships aren’t always what I expect them to be. I need to change and this is a process…a process I (and God) am working on, whether it looks like it or not.

So I ask a few things of you…
1. What are you relying on? or better yet, WHO are you relying on for your everyday tasks, for the big things, to get you through the day (because let’s be real, some days just don’t feel worth getting out of bed for #adulting)

2. Will you pray for me to rely on God? To be full of grace and poise when things aren’t working for me (especially the way I would like them to). And I will pray for you.

3. If you know how to fix my iPhone 6s (and no I do not have insurance on it), which is shutting itself off at random times and tells me it needs charged, even it if is fully charged now. Before it was at least past 50%…but now its doing it when it is fully charged also, please let me know! 🙂


If things aren’t going your way, or you also have bad luck with technology or just random things…practice grace, take deep breaths and pray without ceasing. Ask God for more grace, and joy when things aren’t working. The best gift He has given us, is Himself, His presence…so grace and poise and joy are fully attainable if we can control our anger, our woe is me mentality, our negativity…
He Is With Us.


That your trust may be in the Lord, I have made them known to you today, even to you. Proverbs 22:19



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