6:30 New Jersey/Connecticut

I am clumping my visits to New Jersey and to Connecticut in one post, because of 2 reasons.

  1. they were visited on the same trip.
  2. i have few photos.

These visits were from back in the day when road trips seemed to happen at a regular basis in my life. We also went to PA on this trip (as most of our road trips included PA) but I’m saving all of those times for another day!

Ive only been to New Jersey on 2 occasions. Once, was on a PA trip when we went to a small town where we were able to just walk across a bridge and what do you know, we were in New Jersey! The other time was to help a church there for a VBS and we just traveled in each day from PA. So I don’t have very many opinions of New Jersey, I didn’t really see a lot of it or experience much of it or the people there. But I have no complaints!

Connecticut was on the same trip that NJ happened, and was one of our last stops. This was the first and only time I have been to Connecticut, and I rather enjoyed it. We first went to Hartford the capitol, and stayed with a friend at the time near the downtown area and visited some gardens for a day and a night. That was a really good time! Then we went elsewhere in Connecticut to visit another friend who was in YWAM there! So we just stayed with her, met her friends, explored the down town area and where all they worked in and of course went to the beach! That was a memorable and fun time for sure! The thing I remember most was that one of her housemates had a pet snake and a pet tarantula which the tarantula i believe had gotten loose (correct me if I am wrong friends)….and they were downstairs. So beki and I, made Tina sleep downstairs with our friend (Tasha) because we were (and still are) the scaredy cats…nobody slept well that I don’t believe. I still have the heebie jeebies typing it all out!
But clearly we all survived and we have fun memories!


I would love to go back to Connecticut someday to explore more. It was very new englandy (don’t think that’s a word), and I like that!

Also, these photos are from around 2010. Just an FYI. 🙂


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