7:30 NH/Maine

Summer of 2015 I had the opportunity to go visit NH and the beach in Maine with Byrnese Craig. She grew up in New Hampshire, and so it was very exciting for me to go to her home area with her!

She bragged about how amazing the New England beach is….and if I am being honest…it was freezing. It was June. Apparently I am used to the Mid-West and the South in June, with the warm ocean or the white beaches on the Gulf!
But the lighthouse made it all worth it, as did the chocolate and salt water taffy we got!

If you are ever in a discipleship relationship with someone, or even just your friends and have never met their family or seen them with their family, I highly recommend you try to do so.You learn a lot about your friend(s), and it is a great experience to see them in their natural habitat if they are not originally from where you know them personally. You see them in a new way, you experience them in a new way, and you fall in love with them even more.

PERSPECTIVE. It is important, and its good to get different perspectives on your friends sometimes, so travel with them!

She was excited to show me different places she knew, different places to eat, Dunkin Donuts (which I do love), to see the school she went to, meet the people she loves and who have impacted her, it was just really good! I gained a better understanding and more of a love for her after spending time in the place where shaped her adolescent years. And to be with her now growing somewhere different, if still really cool and awesome to see the growth from adolescent to adulthood and to see differences and victories!

I had never been to New Hampshire or Maine, so it was also very exciting for me to just experience a new place! I enjoyed it thoroughly, especially free donuts at Dunkin Donuts on national donut day!

Enjoy the photos! New England is absolutely beautiful!



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