8:30 Pennsylvania

I have been to Pennsylvania many times. When I was a part of Off The Wall Discipleship, we had many donors from that area, and OTW also has a partner church out there where many students came from (and continue to do so). So we spent many weekends traveling back and forth, and I quickly fell in love with the area and the people and the church out there!

I love the small towns that have an old town, New England feel. Doylestown is probably my favorite and if your out in eastern PA you have to walk around and shop at Peddler’s Village! The roads in PA are a bit windy and if your prone to car sickness…watch out, but in the fall is it so worth it, I would just hate to drive them in the winter, more power to all you PA people!

I had the privilege over my birthday about 2 weeks ago to attend a wedding in PA, and it was gorgeous and a blast, and I am blessed to have come back (it had been a while). So, I look forward to the next time (whenever that may be!)

Some memories shown here are of relationships being built upon bodily functions, laughing so hard you pee yourself, great food and fellowship….but all memories mostly involving laughing. 🙂 Some memories are missing, some sleepovers, a lot of great conversations with great people, but even though there aren’t photos to prove they existed, there are photos in my mind that I will forever cherish.



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