Never stop dreaming.

I’ve learned quite a bit over this past year.
I can’t help but look back, and be grateful for a God who has been there the whole time and that He never stopped doing a work to soften my heart, to make me look like Him even when I felt like I was the furthest from Him than I ever had been. There’s been a lot of  heart change, and with this heart change has come some life lessons with only more to come in the future that I am excited to venture into.

One of the things that I have learned, very difficultly unfortunately, is that I just am not where I want to be spiritually, emotionally, maturely, physically…etc, and that does not mean that I won’t get there. I haven’t ‘peaked’. I haven’t reached my full potential in life yet. I haven’t accomplished everything I needed to accomplish. I’m not the best of the best. And until Christ’s return, I probably won’t achieve these things. There will always be something more to achieve, more of a godly person to be and grow into…and this, is the journey of life, and this is perfectly normal and okay.

For some reason I had come to believe that I had peaked, and that there was no where else to go, but down. So I did. All my dreams from a teenager and what I wanted to do with my life, had seemed to come true at such an early age, and I just didn’t know what else to do. It was like I stopped dreaming and I just went into this pit of not knowing where else I could go. What a dark pit that was.

What a humbling crawl out of the pit it has been.
Life seems to be this constant journey of trying, try some more, oh, try again.
Endure, endure some more, maybe some relief, and oh, wait a minute, you have to keep enduring!
Those journey’s are not the most enjoyable….but they are necessary for our humility, for our work ethic, for our character and our belief in the Goodness and character of God, and for our future character and strength among many other things. Because I can guarantee that there will be more pit’s. But the next time, hopefully I will have learned from the previous journey’s and trial’s to be able to get out of the pit quicker and faster and with more grace and godliness than before.

What a glorious day it will be, to be with Christ in my resurrected, perfect body for the rest of eternity, face to face, with no sin disrupting my way of life. BLISS.

There is always room to be better. Always room for more endurance, for more godliness, for a better, stronger, Jesus-like me. I’m not my best today, but tomorrow I may be better…and so on.

It can be discouraging to look at the now and see all of the flaws or things that you know you need to change or work on, but each day we have the choice to learn from our yesterdays, to learn from our mistakes, from our pit-falls, from our bad decisions. Each day we have a choice to make better decisions, to have a better attitude, to do something different than we did yesterday that will bring honor to God..

Each day, is a new day.
So if you messed this day up, God has given you another chance.
Grace and Mercy are at its best when we are at our lowest.
And the best part…God is WITH you every breath, every step.
His presence in my life, is of utmost importance.



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