9:30 Guatemala

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope that you all have enjoyed all the food and time spent with family, friends or however you chose to spend your Thanksgiving! And most importantly I hope that you all take some time today to thank God for all that you have!

In honor of it being Thanksgiving, I thought that this post should be about the time I spent Thanksgiving in Guatemala! 2 years ago, Myself, Don, Travis and Beki went to visit some of my bestie, Shaun & Ashley in Guatemala, where they were missionaries at, at that time (which they have since moved back home to Ohio and now work with OTW).

This was such a fun trip. We spent a lot of time playing 5 crowns, meeting the kids at the Children’s home, by having dinner with the young boys one night, spent an afternoon with some of the girls, went grocery and christmas shopping for all of the kids, watched their Christmas program that a group of others came in to do for all of the kids. Experienced some new foods, had some games and piñata fun! It was really cool to meet the kids that we had heard so much about from Shaun & Ashley and to see where they were living and just experience life with them on the mission field a the Children’s Home they worked at.

We also spent a day in Antigua, which was absolutely beautiful. We walked around a lot and ate some really great food. Guatemala is a very beautiful country, with some pretty amazing people. I love experiencing culture, and this was a great trip to experience Thanksgiving with other people, but all coming together for one cause, and encouraging some friends on the field!

I encourage you, that if you have friends that are missionaries or support missionaries, especially ones that are overseas, find some way to encourage them. Whether that is to visit them, or write them/contact them consistently. It’s important and much appreciated!

There are so many photos, so I hope you enjoy them! 🙂 And if you ever get a chance to go to Antigua and the smaller towns in Guatemala, do it! It is quite the experience and a really fun culture!



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