10:30 Florida

Seeing as I cannot sleep, and we just had a snow storm yesterday whilst my brother and sister-in-law are in Aruba, I am dreaming of warmer weather, therefore this post will be about Florida!

I lack many photos unfortunately, I cannot seem to find a bunch of them which is really sad because there are some good ones.

I’ve been to Florida many times. My aunt lives there, so when I was younger we used to vacation there almost every year. We would vacation in Panama City. I remember roller blading (cuz thats what all the cool kids did) in the parking lot of the house we stayed at and of course going to the beach and playing lots of cards (as that is what my family does).

I’ve also gone for two of my cousin’s weddings, with family which is always a fun time! Hotels, beaches, and cards…once again!

In the most recent years, I have gone to Florida as a little mini vacation on my own to visit one of my friend’s who lives in Sarasota. It is always so very refreshing for me to go spend time with her, and to be in Florida. I’ve been surprised by getting to see other friend’s who have family down there which was a blast! This last time I was down there i got to sit in a hammock and read and nap for an afternoon which was great.and I ALWAYS have to go to the Salty Dog restaurant. My fave. 🙂 One of my fondest memories is going to the Water Park near Busch Gardens in Tampa…basically we were in the lazy river all day long and it was the best thing ever.

Florida is great, the heat with the beach, the restaurants, the activities, and most of all the people. My friend has a great community of friends and that is always I think a part of what makes visiting her so refreshing, plus she is just great and very encouraging. 🙂

Take time to visit the friends who do your heart good. And reciprocate that for others or those same friends also.


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