Let me tell you a story.


A Lesson in Humility.

There once was this girl who had it all. Her dream job, her best friends around her all the time, she was on fire for the Lord and was learning a lot about herself and overcoming fears and insecurities becoming more confident. But a problem arose, she had become spiritually arrogant, unbeknownst to herself (and even others around her). She was at the top of her game, at her ‘peak’ you could say, she thought she could conquer anything and anyone, and it was a slow climb down with a sudden fall towards the end. She went from being at the top and relying on her spirituality to get her by, she was the favorite of many and it was obvious, but then some things started to change. There was more time she was left alone, to fend for herself. She had to learn how to be on her own, to not rely on others for validation, or to keep her at the top of her game. She started to fall, to grow more insecure, to grow discontent, to grow a bit confused, only to start making decisions for herself. Which allowed her to step into her own self, but not on this ‘peak’ of hers. Her spirituality seemed to be playing hide and seek, only the seeking part was not a common part of the game for a time being. Then she started hiding, deep within herself and physically, only to be found once again, slowly but surely by the God who calls her by name and knows her deepest wounds, and her greatest attributes, because He created her. She slowly started giving pieces of her heart back, the fall from her ‘peak’ was a large one, that needed some time. So she had time, and over that time she learned a few lessons.

Lesson 1: identity. Who she is, is not rooted in what she does or who she surrounds herself with. Who she is, is who God has created her to be. All that she is now, the good and the bad. But that there is growth in that.

Lesson 2: Acceptance. No matter what, she is accepted by God himself. She is accepted by those who call her friend, the good, the bad, and the very ugly parts.

Lesson 3. Presence. God’s presence was always with her. He was right by her side, loving her even when He seemed so distant. Also that the presence of people and friends, and even of herself is just as important.

Lesson 4: Discipline. God disciplines His children. (Hebrews 12:5-11) There are consequences for our actions/sin, for our pride…etc.

And the greatest lesson that was weaved into all the other lessons, Lesson 5: Humility.
No one is greater than apart from God. And even God, who is greater than all and more powerful than all, loves unconditionally. Jesus died for all so that they might spend eternity with God. All. You, me, the prisoners, the satanists, the liars, the cheaters, the ones who are different than we are, Isis….He died for all of these people. We cannot treat others less than.


She became convicted that she needed to treat everyone as if they were her favorite person on the planet, whether they are or not. Because of the love that God has for them, she should be willing to love them as He does to the best of her ability by the power of His Holy Spirit. She should do her best to love them like she loves the people she cares about the most. And this has started to become life changing. There have been relationships restored that maybe never would have gotten a second chance before and have turned out to be big blessings. There is an independence that maybe wasn’t there before. There is a softening of the heart, that feels like a long shot, but is definitely happening and there and not like what has been felt before.

So it turned out the fall, was for her benefit. Surprise surprise. And there are lessons in the valleys and lessons in the mountain tops. Are you willing to learn them and to see them?



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