11:30 Chicago

Chicago – The Windy City!

I have been there a few times, the most recent for a Summer missions trip a couple years ago. One of my fondest times in Chicago was when I went with Don, Travis & Beki & Natasha, while Don was speaking @ Moody Bible Institute and stayed with a friend from church!  It was fall time, so it was really beautiful weather and I just remember being on campus with her and then walking around the local area, checked out a bakery (which I still have their business card because it was so good! The Swedish Bakery) and going out for some crepes to catch up!

I also went to Chicago for a visit when my brother first moved out there when he started ministry. I went with my cousin and I remember we went to the Aquarium, that was a highlight. The funniest part was we were in a theatre there and they had water blow in our faces and things around our feet to make it feel more interactive and we had the 3D glasses on! That was crazy!

I always have a good time in Chicago, and enjoy walking around, seeing all the different people. I still have yet go see the famous Bean…which I am a little upset about…I’ve been there at least 3 times and have never been to the bean…I want that iconic selfie photo that every one takes at it! Some day, I’m still holding out! And who can forget….deep dish pizza!! First time I had deep dish was on top of the roof at one of the Moody girls dorms overlooking the city, it was beaut!!

Writing this, makes me think that a Chicago trip is in order. Maybe after winter time!

The only photos I could find are from my mission’s trip! It was a blast, the youth at my church are a blast, so the trip was a blast! 🙂 We got to help out at Pacific Garden Mission which was one of my favorite parts of the trip. Served some pizza, set the tables, made a lot of beds! Was a fun trip!

So if you ever get the change to go to Chicago, do it! There is lots to do and be prepared to walk around!



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