12:30 Iowa

A few years ago my friend Ashley and I drove out to Iowa to visit her Mom who had just moved out there with her husband. I can’t remember how long it took us to get there, but we stopped at her sister’s in Indianapolis on the way, so that broke it up a bit!

At the time her mom had this coffee shop, that she lived above of and it was about a stone’s throw away from the Mississippi River! That was the first I had seen the Mississippi up close and personal. It was really cool because you would see the big cargo ships coming through the lock, so we went down to the lock and watched the ships come through one day for a while. We took some walks down the river, on the sidewalk, saw some dead fish and some bones, that was gross and cool, and ran into a turtle on the grass. On this trip we also went into Wisconsin because they weren’t too far, for just a little bit which was cool too! Didn’t really see a whole lot there, just some more water and a gas station! 🙂

It was a really fun trip with plenty of laughter that is for sure! I enjoyed being by the Mississippi and it was a cute little river town also (Guttenberg). So thanks to Ashley’s Mom and step-dad for the opening of their home, and to Ashley for being a good road trip buddy! Enjoy the photos!





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