13:30 Charleston, South Carolina

In honor of spending 2 weeks with my friend Abby who is from and lives in MO, and once upon a time followed her dream and lived in a beachside town in SC, this month will be full of the times that I have visited her. The first being, Charleston, SC.

I went to visit her twice when she lived in SC. She had an apartment close to the beach @ Folly Beach. The first time I went to see her was with a group of other friends, the trip down was a hoot…dancing and singing to BSB like pro’s! And when we got to her place and spend the weekend with her it was just a good fun time! We did yoga on the beach, went to a few restaurants…and did our hair (she is a hairdresser) and got pizza (as girls do) and hung out. We also went to some of the oldest Oak tree’s. The Angel Oak, I believe is estimated to be 1,500 yrs old and is massive! There were (as you will see in the photo later) poles that were keeping some of the branches up. It was pretty spectacular!

The second time I visited her @ SC was for New Year’s! That was a blast. We once again went to a few restaurants, in the little beach side town, which can I just say, are some of the best, cutest towns. I love them so much, and they are much warmer than Ohio (which I like warmth!) This time we went into Charleston, which I had never been before and it was so delightful! I love the south. We took a carriage ride through the town to look at the all the houses and hear some of the history of Charleston, and then we ate at a restaurant by the water and saw some dolphins which was awesome! We also went to one of the inside flea markets, which i ended up getting a small, simple pearl ring that I still have and love!

If you ever get the chance to go to Charleston, please do! It is so quaint, and historical, and fun to walk around and see all the different colored houses and a lot had ivy on them and I love seeing that. And it’s close to the beach!


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