15:30 Oklahoma

Summer of 2010 I got to go on a missions trip to Oklahoma to help out around a school for Native American’s, and do a VBS for a local church of Native American’s also. We partnered with a local church youth group from home, which some of those people, are still in my life today, which I am forever grateful! This was probably one of my most favorite mission’s trips I have been on. It was hard work, but also a ridiculous amount of fun.

I remember the food…the taco’s were on this amazing bread…yummmm, it was so thick and large! I love bread. It was SUPER hot. We drove…so it was about a 17 hour drive, and I slept basically the whole entire time (I can’t do that anymore). Don would drive on the rumble strips just to try and wake me up….but nope, I just went right back to sleep. We had some bible classes with the teens we were with and leaders, we did some karaoke, we played some Nukem (however you spell that) with the local teenagers at one of the church’s and they put on a service for us so we could hear and see them worship in their own language. It was really cool and special!

I particularly remember Doc Rasher. Who has the main man, he had the school we did work at and had the connections for us. He recently just passed away, which I am very sad to hear. He is pictured below with Beki, he is the older man with the white hair. He was sweet and wise and gentle man. One whom I will never forget taught me basics and balance…is what life comes down to. I’m still learning the balance part. He was a man who had a great legacy and ministry and will be missed by many. So I guess in honor of him, and the many awesome memories of Oklahoma and the friendships that still remain 7 years later, this post is Oklahoma!



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