16:30 Michigan

Michigan, Ohio’s arch nemesis, if you care about college football.   😉
(For the record, I don’t.)

I know plenty of people from the hand shaped state. I’ve had many Michigander’s show me where on their hand they live in Michigan. But some of my first memories of Michigan was when I was an older teenager/early adulthood, I went with my uncle to the Red Bud Motocross race for a weekend with my now sister-in-law. It was a blast! I’ve always enjoyed watching motocross, and my uncle had a ministry/was a Pastor at these events, and my cousin races. This was a whole new world for me, but I’ll never forget it, and the excitement of seeing the bikes come around the turns!

But most of the times that I have been to Michigan have been spent in Gowen or Greenville! I know the Tim Hortons across from Walmart in Greenville very well! When I worked for Off The Wall Discipleship, we spent a week in the summer at Lincoln Lake Baptist Camp, and have taken students there for retreats in the winter time, and now our church has partnered with Lincoln Lake and our students go there for winter camp! I love this camp. I never grew up going to camps, so camp life is very different to me and way out of my comfort zone, but I have had some incredible times when at Lincoln Lake. To even count how many times I have been there, I lose track. I’ve met so many amazing people via the partnership between them and OTW, that I am so very grateful for. I have had opportunities to be stretched to branch out and talk to people in ways that I normally wouldn’t. I have had so many laughs, almost peeing myself multiple times, taking runs (this lasted only a summer) early in the morning, swimming and going boating, watching kids water ski…I’ve had the opportunity to lead worship there, and to exhort others.

Being from Ohio, I feel like I’m supposed to not like MI, tehe, but I thoroughly enjoy Michigan and it’s people. I have nothing but fond memories and I hope that you do too.




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