18:30 Ocean Isle, NC

I love the beach. Particularly when it is warm. I have been going since I was a little kid. One of my favorite beach memories is getting up with the sun and looking for shells at sunrise on the beach. Usually my dad had to accompany me because I was a little too young, but now Im able to do it all by myself and have some real good God-time!

In 2009, we went on a big family vacation. I mean my mom’s whole side of the family. All of her sister’s, her Dad and step-mom. Travis and I were the only kids though (mind you, I was 20, Travis was 24). Our house was 2 rows back from the ocean, and we had a pool for convenience in the evening when we got tired of the beach (who gets tired of the beach?!)

This family vacation was a great one. I of course being the youngest, slept on the couch in the living room because there weren’t enough beds/rooms for all of us. I also am always up early on vacations..I’m not sure what it is, but I go to bed super early and wake up with the sun basically. But I love the ocean and the beach early so maybe that is why!

This vacation is where I am pretty sure I bought my first Sanuk shoe…and they have been my favorite shoe ever since.

The house we were staying in had a wrap around desk that literally went almost the whole way around the house! It was the best! We rented bicycles and rode our bikes around town, that was a blast! One of my funniest memories was my Dad, brother and I went to breakfast together to the local restaurant close to the house and we came back and Mom was upset with us that we went to breakfast without her. (My dad asked her if she wanted to go to breakfast and she said no, but she didn’t know travis and I were going…otherwise she would have said yes). We still tease her about that to this day.

My dad and I also went parasailing! That was a blast!

Family vacations can sometimes be stressful, as we all know, with many different personalities. But this one I just remember being fun. There is always lots of laughter with the family. So if you have never been on a family vacation, I highly encourage you to do so. Get a house, so that you can cook your own food and don’t have to eat out every night, but definitely splurge and eat out at least once! Go min-golfing, rent bicycles or scooters, go for long walks on the beach ;), play games with the family, take turns cooking, get up early, stay up late, explore the local area.

Enjoy the photos!


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