19:30 Oahu, Hawaii

About 2 years ago I had an incredible opportunity to go on vacation to Oahu with some people I adore. It was definitely a once in a life-time trip for me and I fell in love with Hawaii then and have not stopped dreaming of going back since. I actually just got my very first speeding ticket the other day because I was day dreaming of Hawaii. (oops!)

I would love some day to have been to each Hawaiian island. I’ve done research (because I’m a nerd) and they each have something different to offer. Oahu is the one with the most tourism. The North Shore is famous for surfing and there are lots of little surf shops and places to rent paddle boards, take surfing lessons, go kayaking…etc.

There are literally beaches everywhere. You drive 10 minutes down the road and you have about 3-5 choices of what beach you want to go to! It rains often but for only 5-10 minutes at a time then the sun is back out! It was perfect weather, wasn’t to hot because you have a nice breeze from the ocean.

One of my favorite parts was driving and seeing the ocean on one side and a massive wild jungle of trees on the other. We stayed in a house that was close to the Polynesian Culture Center which is where we went for a Luau and watched a show on Hawaiian culture and the origination. Watched a lot of the dancing, ate the food. It was a cool experience for a girl who loves culture that is different from her own.

The people that we met who lived and worked there were super nice and told us the places to go hiking and what times to go! The first day we were there, we stayed in Honolulu and so first thing in the morning a few of us went hiking up Diamond Head. That was sweet. At the top you get an amazing view of all of Honolulu! We walked along Waikiki beach, we did some shopping, saw the statue where the Hawaii 5-0 tv show headquarters are! Made the parents jealous with that one! 😉 We also went to Pearl Harbor and got to tour the memorial. That was a really solemn and humbling experience.

After a couple days we went up to the North Shore where we stayed the rest of the time. We had our favorite beach that we went to more often than the others, but we pretty much tried a new one every day! It was off season for surfing so we didn’t see much surf. But we went hiking in Waimea Valley and to the beach there across the road from the Valley. I loved that area, the boys did cliff jumping and rolling down the sand, as you do!

Overall, this trip was one of my most memorable and favorite’s. I cannot wait to some day, hopefully go back! I would love to do more hiking and experiencing the island!


Unfortunately I cannot find my photos…I have the whole summer of 2015 missing from my iCloud photos…which is a big bummer. Pretty each month I dislike technology more and more even though it can be very helpful (most of the time!) At least I printed them out right away so I still have photos on my wall! So I apologize that you only have these 2 photos to enjoy…
Google has a lot more professional photos, but they are still accurate of what it looks like, and yes, it is that majestic and wild and amazing!


If you ever get the opportunity to go to one of the Hawaiian islands, take it without hesitation! You won’t regret it!


Thanks for reading! 🙂


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