20:30 Alaska

Well I have been slacking!
I have 9 more posts after this week to get in by October 22 (my 30th birthday!) SO I will be whipping these puppies out for ya’ll!

Alaska. One of the top 3 most beautiful places I have been to. I have been lucky enough to have gone 3 times. (if my calculations are correct..my mind is slipping the closer i get to 30 unfortunately) Part of the reason I love Alaska is because of the people who are there, the Richardson family! I love them as people and how welcoming they are, and I love how they do ministry and how they serve the people of Anchorage through their church.

While in Alaska, I’ve traveled quite a bit to see the sites. To glaciers and walked on one and bottled up some water (coldest, best tasting water i’ve ever had), hiked half way up Flat Top in Anchorage to see the sun set (after midnight of course), fell down a mountain up near Victory Bible Camp, almost drove a van into a family of Moose, stayed up way to late just because it’s still light out at midnight and because my friends are fun, fell down a set of stairs in the dark and messed up my ankle, experience my first tiny little earthquake, met some amazing and adorable children, worshiped with fellow believer’s, drank some great coffee, drove around the city…etc.

Many many memories from my trips to Alaska and hopefully the photos below will help give you some images of my memories!

I’ve never been to Alaska in the wintertime, nor do I really desire to go in the winter time, although I am sure it is absolutely stunning. I just am not a fan of snow and cold, so summer time in Alaska is perfect for me. I love the endless daylight, I am much more productive and energetic, I love the weather where its a bit cooler at night but lots of sun shine during the day. Perfect fire pit weather! 🙂
I will forever remember the adventuring, the coffee, the people, the church, the community…something I will have with me forever and I am forever grateful for those opportunities and people! 🙂



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