21:30 Texas

When I lived in Northern Ireland, I became friends with another American from Texas named Katie who was a part of the same program that I was doing just placed in a different location. She was hilarious, friendly, and I felt comfortable with her from the moment I met her. When I walked into a pole walking downtown one night in Belfast, she was the one who nicknamed me Polebrow and helped me walk the rest of the way! She was like the big sister I had always hoped for!

So, when we both were back in the states, I had the opportunity to visit her in Dallas, Texas! So in January, 2009 I went and I loved it!

She took me to her church and her small groups at the time. We ate some good ‘ol tex-mex, she took me to a cupcakery that was deeeelicious! (I love my baked goods). We took a trolly ride through Dallas, saw the spot where JFK was assassinated and just saw the sites and city of Dallas. At this point in my life, I had not visited many cities, and frankly was pretty scared of citifies. I found Dallas to be very non-threatening though and very welcoming and I loved everything about it!
We also got to take a mini road trip and visit my friend who was going to school in Texas! That was really fun to see her and meet a couple of her friends!

I cannot wait to go back to Texas someday. I’ve yet to experience it’s heat, I was lucky enough to go in the winter time when for my mid-western blood, it was absolutely delightful! It felt like fall to me! I am currently trying to talk my family into a family vacation next November-December to Texas. My mom loves Fixer Upper and wants to see Magnolia, so we figure why not make a road trip from Dallas, to Waco to San Antonio right?! SO, next time you see my Mom, you should highly encourage a Texas vacation!
I know I do!


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