22:30 Arizona/New Mexico

I joined Arizona and New Mexico only because I have so little photos and spent such a little amount of time there. With that being said…
In 2013 I had the awesome opportunity to road trip from Phoenix to Ohio with one of my Alaskan friends who was moving back to Ohio for the 2nd time. Her sister traveled down with her from Anchorage to somewhere in Cali, and she was staying with a friend in Phoenix, so in August I flew to Phoenix and traveled back with her so she wouldn’t have to do the trip alone!

I have been having road trip cravings recently, so it’s only appropriate that now is the perfect time to share pieces of this road trip.

So obviously we started off in Phoenix, AZ. Now, keep in mind, this is the furthest west I have ever been (yet to go to Colorado and Cali which are on my top places to go) and I loved every second of it. Although the temp’s were quite high in AZ, because there was no humidity it felt wonderful, and I don’t even think I broke a sweat. (No humidity for this Ohio girl was like a breath of fresh air…really!) So we left not super early in the morning, but we went to Dunkin Donuts, got some drinks and donuts and said farewell to her friend who she stayed with for a week or so and whom I stayed with 1 night and the road trip began.

We listened to lots of great music, mostly Christa’s selection, because she has a great one and better than my own! I was just amazed driving through the dessert of AZ and NM of all the rock formations, and I was blown away by the beauty of it all. We were surrounded by dessert and I loved it! I think it was by that evening we had made it close to Albuquerque NM, and it was pouring. Pretty much it rained most of the time we were in NM, but we were still able to see some old abandoned shops along route 66 and saw even more rock formations and more of the dessert. So, that night we pretty much parked in a grocery store parking lot, and slept a few hours in the car while it poured rain, praying we would be safe. And we were! (My parents were told after this happened, that it happened…there was a slight freak out from my mother).

After that we pretty much drove through a tiny part of Texas and Oklahoma was super boring and lasted forever until we got to TN. Which the next post, will be all about Tennessee because we stayed there for 2 nights.

I remember ever since this road trip, wanting to go back to New Mexico and seeing what all it has to offer because I loved the beauty of it and it intrigued me so much! So, hopefully someday I will get to go back!
Until next time, enjoy the few photos I have! We spent most of the time driving, so photos were pretty scarce! πŸ™‚

Also, road trips are a great way to see our country. Each state has so much to offer, so I highly recommend road tripping. This trip took us about 3-4 days if I remember correctly. We pretty much drove 12-18 hrs a day, stopping the most in TN to take in Memphis and Nashville. So keep a look out for the next post! πŸ™‚



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