23:30 Tennessee

Good ‘ol Tennessee. So much music! Such a fun state to drive through and take in Memphis and Nashville. I am not a country music fan, but somehow you can appreciate it when your in TN!

I remember walking down the streets of Nashville and there being busker’s on the streets everywhere and they were all so good too! Very entertaining and always had a crowd of people!

Memphis we were only in for a couple hours. We walked around town, saw the sites and the Rock n Roll Museum, sidewalk of stars, Lorraine Motel, Elvis’ statue… and ate at a restaurant that has Jonny Cash’s name carved into it because he had eaten there before!

We stayed the night in Nashville with a friend, she was very accommodating and took us downtown to a music festival thing, and we walked around to see the sites! I loved it! Nashville is definitely a good weekend trip with the ladies, and would love to do it for longer and take it in more than an evening! 🙂

I hope these posts encourage you to travel more! Remembering them makes me want to see even more of this country, and world, but also to revisit different places that I really enjoyed or wished that I had more time in!


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